Does Oozing the Madzi Invalidate Fasting?

Does Oozing the Madzi Invalidate Fasting?



I’d like to ask, sometimes when I talked to women, I found myself oozed some liquid of madzi, while I didn’t recall being passionate. Does it invalidate my fast? May Allah grant you with rewards.

From: Abu


The definition of madzi according to the scholars, as explained by Imam an Nawawi in “Sharh Shahih Muslim” and Ibn Hajar in “Fath al Bari”, is a whitish, watery, sticky liquid that oozes out from the genital part during the foreplay, or when imagining or desiring sexual intercourse (when the sexual drive is high), and the oozing process sometimes happened unrealized. Hence, if you said that sometimes you oozes out the madzi when you talked to women without feeling any sexual arousal, this statement should be questioned, probably it is you who didn’t realize that there was this sexual drive -even just a little-, moreover if it oozed out when you talked to women, who are the most dangerous trial for men.

Therefore I advise you to avoid as you can, to have many talks to women who are not your mahram, unless there are urgent needs to do so.

As for your question, whether or not the madzi invalidate the fast, then in this case there are different opinions from the scholars, and the stronger one is the opinion that the oozing of madzi doesn’t invalidate the fast because there are no valid and evident indication that point out that the fast could be invalid because of madzi, whereas fasting is a kind of worship that Allah the Exalted has ordered to us with evident indications, thus it is not lawful to establish something as the invalidator of the fast without any evident indication either. This is the opinion of Sheikh al Islam Ibn Taimiya, and also by Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Shaleh al Uthaymeen -may Allah have mercy on them both – in his book, titled “Ash Sharhul Mumti'”. And Allah knows best.

Answered by: Ustadz Abdullah bin Taslim, MA

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